Our Roastery

  We roast on a veteran 12 kg Probat coffee roaster
  Our coffee is small batch, artisan style – no computer programming is employed
  We are an on demand roaster - coffee is not roasted in advance but when ordered
      by our customers
  All of our single origin coffees are roasted medium to showcase the inherent
      origin profiled
  We have replaced our gas afterburner with a mist tank and an electrostatic
      filter – this cleaner emission control system has allowed us to eliminate 1.2
      million BTUs/per hour from our roasting process
  We were awarded the City of Kelowna’s Enviromental Award for
      Business Innovation




Not only do we roast our coffee, we serve the highest quality coffee in the Okanagan through our retail shops. We have spent years researching coffee, perfecting our techniques and competing. As such, we are in a unique position when providing support to our wholesale customers, including:

  training in espresso extraction, milk texturization and latte art
  training in equipment maintenance
  buying and installation of equipment


Wholesale customer requests
can be directed to our email: wholesale@beanscene.ca or in
person at our roasting facility.

Roasting Facility
Bean Scene Landmark
#100– 1615 Dickson Avenue
Kelowna, BC




  "We Roast It"

We Roast It


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We Bake It


 "We Own It"
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